Battle of the Faux French bands… FINALLY! (of the Gothamist media conglomerate) decided to do a battle of the Faux French bands…Nous Non Plus versus Les Sans Culottes:

From the story: « Subsequent to our review, we received a comment and an email from a member of the re-formed (though never reformed) Les Sans Culottes, encouraging us to disbelieve « the ministers of propaganda » and judge their music for ourselves. Never ones to ignore a challenge, we took this request seriously: a few of the Parisist staff writers have listened long and hard to the two groups, and have accordingly set forth their comparative judgments.

And really, who better to adjudicate between two fake French bands than a fake French website?

Here are our responses, after the jump– why don’t you have a listen as well and let us know what you think? »

Click here for the results…

We must say we couldn’t agree more…


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