NNP in Paris

We just returned from our first European tour of London and Paris. The shows were amazing. There are some great pix from the parisparis/Ullman Cabarock show here, and here’s part of a review of the show from Parisist.com

« The jury was out, as far as Parisist was concerned, on the advisability of a New York band pretending, coyly, to be French.

But last night at the Paris-Paris, Nous Non Plus made their case loud and long, converting all naysayers with their dizzying energy, brilliant lyrics and infectious melodies, all rooted in a solid drumbeat. And, it turns out, one member of the band, one who does a lot of singing, is actually French. Nous Non Plus (unlike its previous incarnation as Les Sans Culottes) is proving to be way more than a gimmick, and more than just the sum of their influences. »


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