NNP in the LA Times

Oui, NNP are truly international superstars. Last weekend in the Los Angeles Times, Jean-Luc talked about « Le Chateau » — the song about his favorite LA hotel, The Chateau Marmont.

« WHERE does inspiration come from? Sometimes, apparently, it’s born at poolside.

The first time Dan Crane went to the Chateau Marmont he had to sneak by security, and he ended up in the pool, skinny-dipping with friends and marveling at the star-dusted glamour of the storied hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Drenched and giddy, he looked up to see a blond starlet on a Gucci billboard watching over him. « I felt like I was floating on the leftover high of Jim Morrison and John Belushi and all the orgies in all the bungalows through the years. »

And, on the other side of several ponds, « Lawnmower Boy, » NNPs ode to gardening and lawncare was licensed for a Slovenian cellphone commercial. We can’t understand what they are saying (much as Americans fail to understand us), but we like it when the girl takes her shirt off.


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