In the category of he who laughs last…

You may recall that back in March 2003 Bob Ney, Republican Congressman from Ohio, directed that french fries be called « freedom » fries on the menu in the cafeteria of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ney’s directive, which was copied by restaurants across the country, was in response to France’s refusal to support the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Now, as the situation in Iraq descends further into chaos with each passing day, it appears that the French were not pussies as the warmongers portrayed us, but simply prescient about what a monumental mistake the invasion would turn out to be.

And where, we might ask, is Congressman Ney today? On Friday, Oct. 10, the (Hello) Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Ney emerged « from alcohol rehab long enough to admit he defrauded the public by accepting gambling chips, trips, meals, concert tickets and other perks from businessmen who sought his official actions. » Ney’s guilty plea means that he faces a maximum 10-year prison sentence and $500,000 in fines. …Nous Non Plus wishes the congressman all the best in his effort to get clean and sober and to pay his debt to society. To make it clear that there are no hard feelings, we will be sending him a care package. We just hope that La Compagnie du Savon de Marsielle makes a version of their soap — how you say — on a rope.

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